The energy required for heating and cooling is too much in today’s conditions Too high oil prices and in addition parallel increase in the natural gas amount we consumed From now on, insulations are required keeping heat inside and outside, fixing temperature;
Provides high heat insulation;
Because heat coefficient of conductivity of Manka Panel is lower than other façade siding systems, its heat insulation in hot and cold weather is better when compared to the other material. Your building is cool in the summer and hot in the winter seasons with Manka Panel. Elements providing heat insulation of Manka Panel is special polyurethane material and the property of keeping acquired heat interior space by its application technique. It ensures high amount of energy saving and pay for itself in 3-4 years.
It has Light Weight - Earthquake Resistant;
Manka Panel construction material of which weight is 5.6˜ 5.8 kg doesn’t make your building heavier and increase earthquake safety. Manka Panel meets the requirements anticipated by heat insulation regulations for single layer insulators in Turkey and World and serves as carrier and provides earthquake safety on the buildings

It is sound;
Surface hardness coefficient of Manka Panel is high. It has good performance against impact. Manka Panel is resistant against UV radiation and discoloration doesn’t happen.

It is fireproof;
Manka Panel provides fire safety on the buildings with its B1 fireproof class.
It is processed easily;
It requires less labor and less costs, easy to apply. Since the material is too light, it is 3 times faster than other systems.It saves labor and time decreasing carriage, shipment and application wastage.
It is environment friendly;
Widespread use of Manka Panel has important contribution to the protection of the environment. When energy consumption and the hazard caused to the environment with waste material in production process, it could beunderstood why Manka Panel is the most suitable material.
It creates Healthy interior spaces; 
Manka panel provides high sound insulation thanks to Airtight technology. It prevents bleeding, moisture and humidity ensuring the building airing. It increases comfort level since it protects the heat inside for a long time. 
The investment you will made to your life quality;
It provides more solutions to architects and designers to make more flexible and more creative effects by use of wide color and design option. 

Plaster Wood Brick Cement MANKA PANEL
% 82 % 63 % 23-30 % 12 % 0,8


Feature Çimento Ahşap Alçı Normal duvar MANKA PANEL
Heat Transmission coefficient 0.13 1.1 0.5 0.15 0.018
Comparison of heat insulation thickness 7.23 cm 61.2 cm 27.8 cm 8.34 cm 1 cm


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